booties for their feetsies..

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Central Bark Doggy Daycare is pleased to take orders for dog booties for your dogs feetsies. Please note that these booties are made out of up cycled clothing, you will not have a choice in color. That's the beauty of up-cycling.. they will be fun and fantastic! We are asking for monetary donations that will go to "Dog with Wings Assistance Dog Society".


Thank you for your support!


step 1

Start with the front limb measurements.

Measure from the tip of the nails to just below the dew claw (or where the dew claw would be) 

Step 2

Measure from the widest width of the paw. Measure from one side of the paw over the paw to the other side. This will ensure that the width of the bootie will fit.



step 3

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for the hindlimbs.

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