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Unique to Central Bark Doggy Daycare are three fun play areas specific for your dogs personality.

  • Bark Park for social butterflies.
  • Zen Den for pups who want a little privacy with the perks of play time.
  • Dog Lodge for pups who want extra privacy. 

Bark park

If you have a pooch that loves to run around and socialize, this is the spot for them. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your furbaby will have the time of their lives in the Bark Park. The Bark Park features a Dog Wheel, adventure tunnel, socialization with other dogs of the same energetic level, and elevated dog cots for them to relax on. You can be assured to know that they will be coming home exhausted from all the fun to be had in the Bark Park.

(Introduction Day available to Calgary Residents)


Zen den

Do you have a furbaby that enjoys a more relaxing time alone but still craves a little adventure with like-minded pups? Let your mind be at ease when you leave them with us in the Zen Den. This one of a kind space allows your furbaby to relax in their own private kennel whilst having the option to go out and play in a more relaxing social setting. Each kennel has a place for your pooch to unwind and relax in their private oasis, but allows them to explore outside of the kennel into the social area. Social areas include lounge sofas and private kennels in a zen-like environment.

(Introduction Day available to Calgary Residents)


Dog lodge

Does your furbaby prefer a more private experience? You can give your dog the well-deserved retreat experience in the Dog Lodge. These individual styled lodges allows your pooch to have a calm and relaxing time while you're away. These lodges are perfect for furbabies that have high anxiety in social situations, or just require a little more privacy and space.  Each separate kennel is styled like a real lodge with dog sized beds, music and a window view. There will also be a play area if clients want  some one on one time.

(Introduction Day available to Calgary Residents)

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Canine massage therapy

Leave your best friend in the best hands. Literally! We have on-site Certified Canine Massage Therapists that will make sure your pup comes home feeling relaxed as ever. Massage therapy for canines is beneficial because it aids in the circulation of fluids throughout the body which assists the joints and muscles flush toxins from the tissues. The results include reduced pain and stiffness, more flexibility and greater range of motion. Massage also increases blood flow, lowers blood pressure and improves cardiovascular health. Not only that, but your pup will more relaxed than ever.

Note: Massage therapy is not a replacement for veterinarian care. Dogs must be licensed and have up-to-date vaccines.*

(Introduction Massage available to Calgary Residents)


Styling (Grooming)

Note:  All weekday Appointments are drop off times between 6:30am-10:30am.   Weekend and Holiday by appointment only. Prices vary based on size and coat condition. Regular price of daycare with Package purchase is subject to a half day cost)

Pamper Your Pooch With A Grooming Experience Like No Other. You Will Be Assured Your Furbaby Will Walk Out Feeling Like A PupStar!


PEAK9 Training & services Inc.

PEAK9 is a Calgary and area based dog training company specializing in family pet. 

PEAK9's training philosophy is teaching your dog the behavior you want through reinforcement and reward based training.

At PEAK9 we believe in cultivating a positive relationship between you and your dog through education and empowermen

PEAK9 offers flexible services with ongoing coaching to reach your training goals 

Classes vary please see PEAK9 website for more information on classes and schedules.

(Note:  PEAK9 is an independent canine training company. For inquiries please contact PEAK9 regarding cancellations or reservations you may have.)


Single Mingle Doggy Dingle Events

Finding it hard to meet the “ONE”?

At Central Bark Doggy Daycare, we are making it easier to break the ice. If you are a single who is ready to mingle and has a canine companion, sign up for our Singles event. This event is catered to 25-65 year old singles who have dogs of various breeds. We match you up at the event in a SPEED DATING environment for five minutes. At the end of the dingle, if you felt that spark, you will be provided with contacts. *granted they felt the spark as well*  These sessions will run on the weekends.


Kids and K9's

This event is designed to help teach your little ones how to responsibly and safely interact with our canine companions. Teaching our kids how to approach, touch, and speak to dogs is key to keeping everyone safe. Our furry friends have different methods of communication than we do, and part of being a responsible pet owner is passing this knowledge on to the next generation. 

Join us for an evening of fun and learning!

(Note: The minimum number of students required for this event to run is 5, we will contact you to confirm or if we need to change the reservation. )


Canine Maintenance Massage Intro

Discover the wonderful effects massage therapy can have on your dogs. Central Bark is running a short introductory to canine massage so that you can provide the best care for your pets at home. We will teach you the benefits of massage and massage techniques that will have your pets loving you more and more every day. Discover this one hour session that will run on the weekends.   

(Note: Massage therapy is not a replacement for veterinarian care. You may bring one dog to the class to practice on. Dogs must be licensed and have up-to-date vaccines. If you do not have a dog, please let us know and we can provide you one.)


DOGA (Yoga with your dogs)

These one-hour classes will allow you to explore traditional yoga flow combined with the fun of having your dog by your side. The practice focuses on gentle stretching, meditation and flow. Join our classes held on the weekends.


Painting with the Pooch

Come join us in this unique event that allows you and your pooch to paint together on the weekend. Painting with the pooch is exactly what you think it is. You and your fav friends and their pooches can come to our facility to have a fun night of painting a canvas of choice or of your pooch!. We supply the materials.. you just supply the dog, fun and laughter!


Meet Up group - Dog breeds

Every month we will have a Meet up group for a specific breed of dog. This allows breeds alike to enjoy each other in a fun and safe environment.


Are you looking for a dog friendly space to rent for parties, training, or meet up groups for your organization? Look no further we have 2 rooms that can accommodate your needs. 

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