The Importance of Pet First Aid Care - Download a Free checklist

A couple of friends went biking and hiking with their best furry friends in the Rocky Mountains. It was a gorgeous day, with loads of things to see and smell when things changed for the worse. One of our best friends dog, 4 year old Natu began panting heavily and started looking lethargic. Unfortunately, she passed away that day at the top of the mountain which was a sad day for all. They didn't know the cause of her death, whether it was an underlying condition, or heat stroke. Nonetheless, they still think to this day..Could something have been done to prevent this?

Even though they may never know the cause, we at Central Bark want to make sure that all Pet owners shall never experience what our friends did that day. At Central Bark Doggy Daycare we believe that every Pet owner should have the knowledge to see the signs of distress or injuries with their pets and the very least they should own a Pet First Aid Kit.  

Central Bark Doggy Daycare provides Pet First Aid Care Events for people of all walks of life. You can see our event here .

We have accumulated a list of all the items you will need to build your own First Aid Kit. Just download the free checklist. 

If you would like to purchase a Pet First Aid Kit, please follow the link to Hanging with Hounds online store.  


RIP NATU 2013-2017