St Patties Day?... More like Dog Patties Day!

Click here for Pet waste disposal list

Click here for Pet waste disposal list

Oh the ever growing Dog Pattie debacle.. To pick up or not to pick up?

Sorry to break it to all dog owners.…. but it will always be a “PICK UP” decision.

Yes.. yes.. the hardships of dog cleanup is the least favorable part of having a dog.

But it must be done and now it can be done in a more environmentally friendly way.

City of Calgary has rolled out “Green Cart” initiatives that allows you to get rid of your food and yard waste on a weekly basis.

But did you know you can compost dog patties as well?

It’s true!

You can see the full line of Pet waste you can place into your Green Cart.

At Central Bark Doggy Daycare we composts all pet waste into our Green Bins helping the environment one Pattie at a time.